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york compressor
Founded in 1996, China Xiqiang Pumps Co., Ltd. is professional york compressor manufacturer and wholesaler for the household, industrial and agricultural industries. With 80% components home made, quality is better controlled here. GS, CE, UL, EMC & EMF certificates guarantee received products to be high quality for customers. We have become the long-term custom york compressors supplier of world-class retailers such as B&Q, BAUHAUS, OBI, METRO, etc.
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york compressor
The York Compressor provides a better solution for compressor needs than the eccentric vane type (Sanden Compressor) commonly found on most vehicles. The York has a separate oil reservoir and does not use the gas that circulates in an air-conditioning system to lubricate the compressor like the Sanden. The York functions like a “normal” garage compressor, with pistons connected to a crankshaft. It is extremely efficient, robust and relatively compact. A lot has been written about the fitting of onboard air and a search on the web will provide a huge amount of information. The York is not used much nowadays and following a bit of searching, I picked up the York, which was a reconditioned unit from a aircon fitment center for R 600,00. After some “sukkel” and a lot of effort, eventually the York was in and I had compressed air. However the effect was not any better than a prr-ppr electric compressor since the only air that could be used was that being generated by the York pumping the piston up and down - greater volume, but not offering any huge advantage over a high quality electrical pump. What was needed was a supply of air in an air-tank
york compressors
The compressor uses a V-groove belt for power. Included in the kit is a combination serpentine/V-groove pulley that needs to be bolted to the alternator. Before doing this, be sure to disconnect the battery. Unbolt the alternator and remove it from the Jeep. Use an impact wrench to remove the bolt that holds the stock pulley on. The impact wrench is able to twist the bolt off before the alternator starts to spin, without it, the nut will turn with the armature. The brackets are easy to bolt on, as is the compressor. Brad recommends running 30W oil in the compressor but I've heard that just about any oil will work. You will probably want an oil separator to be sure that there isn't oil in your air lines. Many people attach a return line from the oil separator back to the compressor so the oil is recirculated.
CCI York Compressor. Main Mounting Plate. Serpentine/V-groove pulley. 2 York Flange Fittings. Upper support bracket
Adjustable pressure relief valve. Gates V belt. Solberg Intake Filter/Silencer. 80-100 Pressure switch. This brought the compressors too close to the fender. The driver side engine mount was broken, lowering the passenger side of the engine even more. Everything on the passenger side inner fender was removed to make way for the compressor. Later on, we'll install a JKS/Currie 1-inch motor mounts and then remove the transfer case lowering kit -- that should give us plenty of room but for now it clears, though just barely.
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