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natural gas compressor
Founded in 1996, China Xiqiang Pumps Co., Ltd. is professional natural gas compressor manufacturer and wholesaler for the household, industrial and agricultural industries. With 80% components home made, quality is better controlled here. GS, CE, UL, EMC & EMF certificates guarantee received products to be high quality for customers. We have become the long-term custom natural gas compressors supplier of world-class retailers such as B&Q, BAUHAUS, OBI, METRO, etc.
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natural gas compressor
Kingsly's Natural Gas Engine Drive packages feature the Quincy Natural Gas Compressor Pumps with a Custom Control Systems designed Electronic Control Panel. This compact design is mounted on a heavy duty structural steel skid. Standard features include suction and discharge pressure gauges with pulsation dampeners and pressure controlled shutdowns, high liquid level control with shutdown, pressure relief valves on suction and discharge lines. Standard gauges include compressor oil pressure, engine temperature, engine oil pressure all with shutdowns. A lockable, steel battery box is welded to the skid and a heavy duty automotive type battery is included. Additional optional features are also available. Economical Ford natural gas engines with electronic ignition
Compact structural steel skid. Horsepower ratings from 18 hp to 170 hp. AC Power Generation. Precision measurement. AC/DC Electrical theory. Engine Electrical Systems. Engine Air & Fuel Systems. Instrumentation and Controls. Orientation to Oil & Gas Industry
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's).
natural gas compressors
These rugged pre-packaged modular compressor systems are available in sizes ranging from 28 scfm up to 116 scfm. Designed for heavy use, Ingersoll-Rand gas compressors provide the quality and performance that are ideal for most NGV applications and users, including: school bus and municipal fleets, forklift applications, utilities and public refueling. The Ingersoll Rand design works well in time fill, buffer fill or fast fill applications. Economically priced, Ingersoll-Rand CNG packages have been engineered to provide reliable NGV refueling service for private fleets, industrial forklifts and public refueling. From inlet to outlet Ingersoll Rand is the only Fortune 500 Company that designs, manufacturers and warrants a complete CNG package. Replacement parts are just a phone call away.
Our highly trained staff of sales representatives, air compressor parts experts and factory-trained and certified air compressor service. Engines. AC Motors. Turbochargers. Gas Compressors. Electrical controls. Solid State Devices
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